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Yes, I’m still looking for the perfect ipad case! I was totally in love with the Tory Burch Canvas case the second I saw it! However when I discovered it was no where to be found I started to look elsewhere for the next best thing! I’ve found a lot  of amazing cases along the was! Priced HIGH and low! BUT just recently it was brought to my attention that the TB case is still available in some stores! I’m torn! (end of the world right?) NO!

As of right now I’m debating between the original TB case, the Python Michael Kors, or the Black Core Pretty Marc Jacobs…and the best price! Though I would like one that opens up like a book… but the $48 Marc would match my huge nylon tote… and makeup bag! (I like everything matching when I travel!) Please tell me I’m not the only one! ;)

Okay I need your ihelp!! Which one is your fave??

1. Rebecca Minkoff Leopard $85
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Leather $180
3. Tory Burch Canvas $135
4. Marc By Marc Black Core Pretty $48
5. Marc Jacobs ipad shoulder bag $607
6. Stella McCartney Shiny Leather dotted $376
7. Michael Kors Python $128

It’s all about the calories!

Happy Monday! I always try to look positive when it comes to Mondays! Today I wanted to think of something cheeky and fun to get the day going! Yes that DOES include a trip to the gym!- Another 500 calories to deduct! See it’s already a great day! :)

Hope you all have a great kick start to your week! … and hey if that means a yummy piece of cake, go for it!

-500 Monday calories -5o0 Gym Calories + 5oo Cake Calories= -500 Calories! It’s a win win situation here! ;)


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