Season No. 01


As we celebrate the dawn of the new year with our Season No. 01 Digital Downloads, created to enhance your devices and spaces with the essence of the cozy months—January, February, and March. Three MH digital artworks, spanning from delicate toiles to majestic trees that you’ll fall in love every time you open your device! A moody Country Toil, The Trails of Bonnieux and Vintage Floral Toile, to set the tone of these Winter months. As you revel in the crisp air, let these downloads grace your devices this season. With each passing month, a new piece of Winter’s splendour will accompany you, giving this new year a beautiful new start.

And that’s not all—we extend the experience beyond the digital realm. Elevate your home decor even further with artwork tailored for your smart TVs, seamlessly blending technology with aesthetics. Your chosen pieces will be emailed directly to you, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful experience.

Indulge in the opportunity to bring this artistic ambiance to your living spaces by purchasing your art prints at Monika Hibbs Home. As a special treat, our seasonal downloads for your devices remain complimentary, while the option to purchase the digital TV art bundle awaits you below. Embrace the beauty and enjoy the artistry that awaits!

Don’t forget, we also offer each art piece as physical art prints that can be framed, as well as artwork for your smart t.v.’s beautifully displayed in your homes, which will be emailed to you directly! You can purchase your art prints over at Monika Hibbs Home. 

As always, our mh seasonal downloads for your devices are complimentary and you can purchase the digital t.v. art bundle below. Enjoy!