Founder & Creative Director

Monika Hibbs

Monika Hibbs began blogging in 2011 under the name The Doctor’s Closet, using it as a creative outlet from her demanding medical career. Over time, her blog gained popularity and a loyal following not only in Canada but also across the United States and worldwide. After a redesign and name change, Monika Hibbs is now the go-to platform for her home decor suggestions, entertaining tips, recipes and more. Apart from running and overseeing MH operations, Monika enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, creating memories and establishing traditions with her husband Troy, sons Liam and Blake, and daughter Lillya. She relishes challenging workouts or a long run and treasures moments of solitude with a good book and a warm cup of coffee in a sun-filled room.

She has also expanded her brand by releasing a book titled “Gather at Home” in 2020, which focuses on creating beautiful and inviting spaces for gatherings and celebrations. In addition to her blog and book, Monika Hibbs also owns an online home store called Monika Hibbs Home. The store offers a curated selection of home decor, furniture, lighting, and kitchenware products. Customers can shop online at the Monika Hibbs Home website or visit the store’s physical “Tiny Home” store, located in Langley, British Columbia. The store reflects Monika’s personal style and aesthetic, and she is actively involved in selecting and designing the products available in the store. Through her blog, book, and store, Monika Hibbs has built a lifestyle brand that inspires and empowers others to create beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming homes.