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$14 weekend

It’s here again! Another weekend! |Happy Dance!| How adorable are these heart sunglasses from Urban Outfitters?  I feel 10 again just looking at them! $14 for a retro sunny weekend? I think so! Have an amazing, hopefully sunny weekend! xo  

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Alice + Olivia = SPRING

Has anyone else completely fallen in love with Alice + Oliva’s Spring collection? It’s more then darling! It’s full of dashes of color and a huge pull from the 40′s and 60′s! It feels like you’re walking through a garden party when flipping though this season’s look book! Now I’m quite aware that the price points […]

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GIVEAWAY- sideways cross necklace

I am so excited for this week’s giveaway! Not only do I adore this necklace, I own it too! It is one of my favourites! I’m such a sucker for gold dainty necklaces, this one is no exception! You  might remember it from my GOLD post, here. Elizabeth, the designer of this little gem, (a […]

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Gold & Polka Dots

Happy Monday! What better way to start your week than with some gold and polka dots! Two of my favourite things! I’m still swooning over the Kate Spade Polka Dot Ticker Tape Mugs! Monday morning coffee would taste that much better! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! Now back to business! 1. Jess LC […]

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Happy Friday!!

Have an amazing Friday and weekend!! Mon xo

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Word of the day: Peplum

I had a little bit of a sick day today. I relaxed a little and have done everything from bed- including this blog post. A little later in the day than usual, but sick days have no time schedules right? Let’s talk about my favourite trend this season! One word: PEPLUM. What is a peplum […]

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Bfrend in LHJ!

You can probably imagine how excited I was to hear that Ladies’ Home Journal wanted to feature bfrend in their April issue! As excited as I was, I was only expecting a tiny little photo in a corner of one of their pages! To my surprise, the feature was far more than I expected! Franticly […]

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TGIF-Is the day over yet?

Happy Friday! Finally! Wow it’s been a long week! A great week, but I’m very happy that the weekend is here! Are you working today? If you’re anything like me, I’m in weekend mode starting first thing in the morning. Counting down the hours till a full work day is done and the weekend has […]

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10 Things on Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day! Don’t we all love the middle of the week? Today I thought I would do something a little different. Something fun, a little challenging but oh so rewarding! To make the day that much more interesting, I want to challenge all of you to a list of 10 things that you should […]

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Twisted Twig

Happy Monday Lovelies! I’m excited to share another fun find on Etsy with you! The moment I saw these glittery sequinned signs I knew I wanted a letter or two! Kelsey is the lovely blonde behind these fun block letters called Twisted Twig. Her block letter designs made from paper mache or wood, stand from […]

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