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Guess what….

Feeling a little bit more.. hungrier, fuller, bigger, tired, happier these days…. It can only mean one thing!! Little baby Hibbs is on his/her way! My husband and I are sooo excited and thrilled to say that we got to hear our precious little (plum size- to be exact) baby’s heart beat today! It was […]

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Fall & Pumpkin Recipes

Just the other day I posted some delicious fall comfort food on my instagram feed- @doctorscloset. I’m sorry if I made any of you drool, but these two dishes were definitely drool worthy, and too good not to share! Two words: FALL and PUMPKIN! Don’t they just make you excited and want to bake or […]

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We’re back!

Wow, what a two weeks it has been! Sorry for the little MIA, but my husband and I jetted off to Europe for a little adventure! It was so nice to be back in some of our favourite cities as well as discovering new ones! We traveled Europe a little differently this time. Yes, we […]

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September= Framework

I’m so so soo excited to be part of Framework Magazine’s September issue! I was blown away while working with Bria Lea, (Founder and Editor-In-Chief) and her team! The whole experience was fun, upbeat and full of surprises! Including being on the cover! I never thought I would ever be a #covergirl… I’m still pinching […]

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