Guess what….

Feeling a little bit more.. hungrier, fuller, bigger, tired, happier these days….

It can only mean one thing!! Little baby Hibbs is on his/her way!

My husband and I are sooo excited and thrilled to say that we got to hear our precious little (plum size- to be exact) baby’s heart beat today! It was the most unreal experience, I gave out a little laugh and cry all at the same time! The joy that we’re experiencing can only be a gift from God! We’re so blessed and thrilled to meet our baby on April 15th 2013!

Let the fun begin!

Thank you Melissa Skoda for capturing such a precious photo!

50 Comments on Guess what….

  1. Maggie
    September 27, 2012 at 2:52 pm (4 years ago)

    Congrats!! How very exciting!!!

  2. veronika
    September 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm (4 years ago)

    so happy for you, congratulations!!!!!!!

  3. Amanda
    September 27, 2012 at 2:57 pm (4 years ago)

    YAY!!!! Congrats Monika! That’s amazing news!

  4. Jen
    September 27, 2012 at 3:06 pm (4 years ago)

    Congrats Monika!! That’s such amazing news!

  5. Melanie
    September 27, 2012 at 3:19 pm (4 years ago)


  6. Kelsey
    September 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm (4 years ago)

    Yay!! Congratulations!!!

  7. arsh
    September 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm (4 years ago)

    Congrats! Very happy for you.

  8. Michelle Baldwin
    September 27, 2012 at 3:47 pm (4 years ago)

    Congrats and best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy…(baby is due on my 33rd b-day :)

  9. Lydia
    September 27, 2012 at 3:48 pm (4 years ago)

    Such beautiful news! Celebrating alongside you and your husband.

    Jeremiah 1:5 :” I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart…”

  10. Lorissa
    September 27, 2012 at 4:04 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations!! :)

  11. Amanda
    September 27, 2012 at 4:38 pm (4 years ago)

    Wonderful news! Congrats!

  12. Garcy Fry
    September 27, 2012 at 4:47 pm (4 years ago)

    Its gonna be the best lookin baby in town!!! And best dressed! Can’t wait! xoxo

  13. Marisa
    September 27, 2012 at 5:14 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations, Monika! It’s going to be an exciting and life changing journey for you and your husband. Enjoy your pregnancy and welcome to the mommy club!

  14. audrinajulia
    September 27, 2012 at 6:14 pm (4 years ago)

    Congrats! Motherhood completes you as a woman and your marriage as well. Marriage will be so much fun when that baby is out! So nice to know that there will be updates on your blog regarding your pregnancy and soon with photos of cute baby. Again happy for you and your husband, congratulations!

  15. Carrie
    September 27, 2012 at 6:39 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations! How exciting!

  16. petite adventures
    September 27, 2012 at 7:12 pm (4 years ago)



  17. katerina
    September 28, 2012 at 12:03 am (4 years ago)

    woo!hoo!! Congatulations!!!

  18. Caley
    September 28, 2012 at 12:24 am (4 years ago)

    This is such happy and exciting news! Can’t wait to watch you grow and follow your pregnancy journey with you x

  19. Tiffany
    September 28, 2012 at 7:43 am (4 years ago)

    CONGRATS Monika and hubby! Such a blessing from up above. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. You baby is so lucky to have such a kind and stylin mama!

  20. Ali
    September 28, 2012 at 7:54 am (4 years ago)

    First, SO exciting!!!! Congrats!!!

    Also – I have been DYING trying to find a tight, black dress. WHERE did you get yours!?

  21. chrisi
    September 28, 2012 at 8:01 am (4 years ago)

    Congratulations! How exciting! <3 wishing you so much happiness!!!

  22. Tiffany
    September 28, 2012 at 11:53 am (4 years ago)

    OMG! Congratulations! You must be so excited!!

  23. April
    September 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm (4 years ago)

    OH my!! Thats the best news! Congratulations! :) Praying that you’ll have an amazing and easy pregnancy!


  24. Kasia
    September 29, 2012 at 6:01 am (4 years ago)

    Monika wielkie gratulacje. Bardzo się cieszę z wszego szczęścia. Życzę Wam wszystkiego dobrego. Pozdrawiam z Wrocławia Kasia Tuszyńska

  25. Meagan
    September 29, 2012 at 8:34 am (4 years ago)

    congrats to yall!!!!!! so happy for you!!!
    xoxo Meagan

  26. Michelle Torres
    September 29, 2012 at 3:04 pm (4 years ago)

    Sending loads of Congrats your way from NC!!!!!!!!

  27. Jaime Germany
    September 30, 2012 at 4:44 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations on Baby Hibbs! I love your blog, babies are a blessing!!

  28. Emily
    September 30, 2012 at 6:13 pm (4 years ago)

    Thrilled for you both!! Congratulations and best wishes!

  29. Leah
    October 1, 2012 at 7:24 am (4 years ago)

    Congrats! What an exciting time, and I wish you all the best on your pregnancy journey.

  30. lisa
    October 1, 2012 at 5:10 pm (4 years ago)


  31. Chelsea
    October 7, 2012 at 4:13 pm (4 years ago)

    Eek! How exciting!!! Congratulations – enjoy every minute of it!!!!

  32. Diana
    October 8, 2012 at 10:40 am (4 years ago)

    Congratulations, that’s awesome!! :)

  33. Dolly
    October 10, 2012 at 2:53 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations!! April 15th is my birthday as well! Wishing you a happy pregnancy. Love your blog

  34. Lily
    October 14, 2012 at 12:17 am (4 years ago)

    Congratulations Monika…sooo exciting! Our eldest’s birthday is April 13th and he’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself :) Prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  35. Deirdre
    October 20, 2012 at 6:49 am (4 years ago)

    Congratulations. You are going to be one stylish pregnant Mama. XO

  36. Kerry
    October 27, 2012 at 10:46 pm (4 years ago)

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! xx0

  37. Amber
    November 12, 2012 at 10:44 am (4 years ago)

    Congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy! What a blessing. :)


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