Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Oh Valentine’s Day! I really do think it’s such a fun little holiday, whatever way you like to celebrate it.  Maybe for you it’s a time to be sentimental with your significant other, or perhaps make an extra special heart themed breakfast for your little ones. Or sending a little love to your bestie and spending some quality time with him or her. Whichever way you’re celebrating, we hope this sweet little gift guide will help you choose a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life. 

I do love a gorgeous bouquet of my favourite flowers, while this is still a lovely thought why not consider a timeless gift such as this delicate heart ring… perfect for stacking! Cooking for a cozy night in for the two of you? This cook book is full of wonderful recipes and the title really says it all: “Let’s Stay In”. I love this adorable heart sweater for the little girls to wear or around Valentines day, and then every day (They also have a matching one for mama!). These mini heart print onesies for your little one’s, from our friends at Privilege Clothing are so adorable and incredibly soft too.

Area you up to anything special this Valentine’s Day? We would love to know how you celebrate.

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