I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see my bfrend bracelets featured on Made By Girl.
Jen and I have become friends through tweeting back and for about things we love, ie: Michael Kors, Great home design and stacking our wrists up with love! I was thrilled to hear that she had become “obsessed” with the look of my bfrend bracelets and “had to have one!” (Now she owns three!)

I was even happier to hear that she loved it in person, and was snapping & tweeting pics of her newly stacked wrist filled with bfrend love!

I can’t thank Jen enough for the amazing post she featured on bfrend bracelets yesterday! You’ll love the photos she took (below), showing off her oh so stackable wrists!!! Love her! You will too! Check out her blog!

Keep Calm and Stack on~