I am soooo drawn to all the powder pinks and corals right now! I have a feeling that that is getting quite repetitive in my posts! I’ll be in the middle of creating my style board and notice.. here we go again! Meh! I’ve found more things that I love and I think you might just enjoy them too!

I’m still trying to convince myself that the PS1 bag is a good idea! I’ve never owned a coloured handbag before. I always go for the black leather that will go with everything! Now that I’m comfortable carrying around a pink bag… I need to saving all my birthday money…for a few years! I love how high fashion comes with a high price tag! A girl can dream!

For now I’ll stick with the J.Crew monotone necklace and the adorable ballet flats from Zara!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

1. Pink Beaded Dress
2. Nicolette Mason’s adorable Tea Cup via Glitter Guide
3. Summer of Love Rebecca Minkoff $55
4. Acrylic Ghost Chair $200
5. J.Crew Monotone beaded necklace $42.50
6. PS1 Bag
7. Essie Ballet Flats Polish$8
8. Studded Ballet Flat $89.90