A Bathroom Refresh!

Summer is always a busy time for us with friends and family coming to visit. As we ease back into hosting, I’ve been looking for ways to get our home ready for visitors. Freshening up our guest bath is an easy way to make everyone who stays with us feel comfortable and taken care of!

One of our favourite summer traditions is having all the cousins stay for a big sleepover. We have a really fun bathroom that our guests, and especially the kids, love to use. Keeping the guest bath ready for everyone doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Before our guests arrive, I make sure I have all the basics covered, like freshening up the soap and having a new set of soft towels. 

 A great place to get items for your guest bath essentials and hosting needs is Walmart Home. They carry all the last-minute little things you need when hosting, making your guest bath refresh affordable and easy. Whether you’re hosting a friend or someone out of town, a few things you can consider getting include a new bath mat, a pretty waste bin, and any toiletries they might have missed when packing, I also love storing items like cotton balls in pretty glass jars like this one from Walmart. I like to prepare a kit of extra care products like shampoo and toothpaste just in case one of guests forgot to pack something. See some of our favorite pieces from Walmart Home below if you are refreshing one of your bathrooms. 

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A final nice touch is adding a bouquet of fresh flowers for when your guests arrive. New blooms brighten your space and make it feel so welcoming. 

 Happy hosting!

This post is sponsored by Walmart all opinions and views are my own.