A Mini Reset For September!

Anyone craving a little structure now that summer is coming to an end? One of the reasons I love  September creeping in, is because of the order it brings back into my schedule. Everything from healthy meal prep, fitness and getting the kids organized with school and sports. It also allows me to get back into my own personal wellness routine; weekly workouts, balanced eating, and in general just feeling more settled and organized. Today we are sharing some of my favourite (new and old) items to help you push the reset button too.

My friend Emily Jackson recently launched an amazing athletic wear line The Ivory Lane Collective; and I am obsessed with it. The leggings are everything!!! They feel like butter on your skin and look so flattering, I also love the oversized box-fit sweater too! This little combo is great to get you motivated to workout in style; and a great transition for your outfit for the rest of your day while you’re running your errands and keeping up to speed with your daily to-do’s.  Managing myself and my family’s schedule can be busy, I find that writing everything down in my agenda works the best for me. I love Wit and Delight’s  weekly planner. It will help you keep organized and motivated with your daily and weekly goals. Last but not least, this reusable coffee cup – great with your morning warm lemon water! Why not add a dash of inner beauty powder from the beauty chef to keep you glowing from the inside out. Haven’t used the Apple Watch yet? I am addicted to mine, especially when I add in a workout to my day. I also love that I don’t have to carry my phone with me to distract me during my day. It’s so practical and looks cute too… switch out your watch’s face with photos of your family or digital downloads. Did you catch our September download sneak peek below… it looks so cute on the Apple Watch! See more of my must haves below!

We hope you all have an excellent start to your September and feel motivated and organized.

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