A Mother’s Scent

Life is busy since becoming a mom of three. Time is flying by. How is Blake already three months old?  I’m learning to slow down and take in the moments, trying to embed the memory in my mind and never forget it. One of the ways my memories rush in is through scents, from the smell of a fresh crisp fall day to the smell of my mom’s perfume. Anyone else feel that way?

As they say, “the days are long, but the years are short.” I’m starting to recognize this more and more as my kids grow up. I think every mom starts to feel this when their baby turns one. The fastest year of our life, right? As I try to balance family, friends, work and writing my book, I’m really trying to not waste any moments I have with my three little ones. It can be so hard to be a mum. I have many moments of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed – just like all of you!

I’ve received many questions about working after our transition to three kids and whether I’ve taken a maternity leave. I took a little bit of a break from work but not a traditional maternity leave. As you might have noticed I’m not posting as much as I usually do. Just with our move, having Blake and trying to finish up the book manuscript, there is just not enough hours in the day to do it all. I worked hard before Blake arrived, knowing it would be a busy season. I thought we would be in full swing come September. But September has been non-stop. Back to school, gradual entry, soccer for Liam, Ballet for Lillya. Needless to say, it’s been busy. Thank you for all patience as I try to pick up where we left off. I’m in juggle mode, but once the manuscript is done… life will start to feel like normal again.

The MH team has been so helpful by taking the lead on our projects right now. I’m proud of our team. We’re all moms supporting one another and, right now, they’re supporting me in this season of being a tired mom to a newborn. And even though it’s a tiring, trying season, I’m still taking steps to achieve my goals and dreams. Writing my book is a big dream come true, and there are many exciting things in the works too! I love that my kids get to achieving my goals while making special memories with them.

I have big plans for my business and brand. When it comes to the blog, I want to get back to posting at least four times a week. (Big, lofty goal: Five posts a week from Monday to Friday!) We want to create content you love and find interesting. The blog will always remain home base for all things MH as we continue to grow in other ways. Bringing a graphic designer on the team has helped to bring my vision for projects to life much more easily. And personally, as we build a new home, we have many exciting ideas in the works — but I’m keeping those secret for now!


It’s delightful to partner with brands and products that embody the spirit of empowerment for women as they work toward achieving their goals and dreams. This is what Elizabeth Arden’s new My Fifth Avenue is all about. It smells beautiful – and Lillya agrees! It features notes of lemon, jasmine, and violet. They’re some of my personal favourites so I naturally loved this scent.

In the midst of the busyness of life and work, I look for small moments to take care of myself. A light spritz of a fresh new scent is always one of my favourite go-to’s, along with drinking my morning coffee, having a good workout, and organizing notes and dates in my day planner. Knowing the spirit and purpose behind this lovely scent gives me even more of a boost in the middle of all the busyness.

Are you working hard to achieve your goals and dreams? I encourage you to go and share your #MyFifthAvenue story for a chance to win a bottle of this amazing fragrance and $200 toward meeting one of your personal goals. Plus it’s a good reason to write it down and declare your goals for yourself! The fragrance is available at Shoppers Drug Mart or Hudson’s Bay.

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This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden all comments and opinions are my own.