a PARTYSKIRTS giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH!!!! (Twitter/Instagram: @ejsm )
You won!!!!

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What’s the hottest item around?? A PARTYSKIRT of course!!

Meet two sisters Lauren and Mariel Armstrong the girls behind PARTYSKIRTS!

They bring along such a fun story of how their adorable and flirty skits came to life! ….While studying, working and socializing in New York and Los Angeles their mother sewed two skirts to fill a hole in the sisters’ wardrobes. Sure enough, the skirts garnered attention everywhere they were worn. Before the sisters knew it, fashion leaders and boutiques were wondering where in the world those skirts came from – and where could they get some themselves.

The PARTYSKIRT had arrived. And now is your turn to own your very own red (oxblood) PARTYSKIRT just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Value of $246)

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Winner will be chosen at random Tuesday, February 5th… to have your Party Skirt just in time for Valentine’s Day!!