A very pretty weekend!

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! This week has been crazy busy! Hence why I did not post yesterday! Forgive me?

Today I thought I would post an extra fun Friday post! (Trying to make up for yesterday 😉 ) There is a lot to celebrate this weekend- My sister in law’s engagement party! I love dinner parties, cocktail parties, any type of party really! But my favourite part is the decorating and organizing! I wish I could throw dinner parties more often! From my magical world of imagination and blogging, here are some of the wonderful and pretty touches that I think top off the perfect party! Maybe that’s why I get so tied up in watching Gossip Girl, “Oh the wonderful life of expensive things and parties!”

Have a great weekend! xo

Invitation: Party Calligraphy- Daley Ann
Confetti: Etsy- By Kristina Marie
Champagne glasses: Kate Spade
Friends Sketch: Inslee
Necklace $39: Bauble Bar  your personal invite!