A workspace for a new year.

coffee table books and agenda on white marble

January is that time of year where I feel like I can’t stop organizing and setting goals for the year. Whether I like it or not, my mind buzzes with things I want to check off my list and accomplish for the upcoming months. I have some big plans and goals that I’m excited to share about as soon as those balls start rolling! Today, I wanted to share a few of my office habits and things I like to do to keep myself and our team organized. Our office in our home hasn’t been ready yet since we’ve moved in. We are supposed to finally start working on that space next month. I can hardly wait! Sharing a few photos from my workspace at home as well as some inspiration photos that have caught my eye.

office space in white kitchen

This little office space is just off our kitchen. It’s a small area, and not nearly enough space to really get organized for Troy and me, and our MH team. Since our office is still just an empty den, we do most of our work from this little desk. It has served us well and I just adore that’s it’s off the kitchen. It’s easy for me to work, have the kids playing around me and even have lunch or dinner being made. It’s been perfect and I think I’ll leave a computer there once we have our office done.

As much as I love my phone to keep me organized, I prefer to write everything down. I love having an agenda and writing notepad at my workspace. I jot everything down on my writing pad (love this pad folio by Sugar Paper LA), then move everything over to my calendar to finalize dates and projects. I always like to have a few items nearby to make my work day run smoothly. I love to have a candle burning, hand cream (my new favourite that smells so good!), and a hair clip for a quick pony, which doesn’t cause any headaches from a tight hair elastic. To keep things relaxed and tranquil while I work, I try to always remember to have my essential oil diffuser going. My favourite diffuser blends are bloom, energy boost and immune.

large white office space with gold pendant lights Ever since I saw this photos of Studio McGee’s (old) office space, I’ve always been inspired by it. I would love to have a bigger space to work with the MH team. For now, we work from my dining room table, which is so fun too! But there is just something about pinning photos of future goals and being pushed to new comfort zones. It’s a clean simple space, yet has so much character and tidy organization that I am so drawn to.

brown cabinet with lavender plant vision board and blue table lamp

How to keep your blog or business more organized this year: A great inspiration board to set a vision for the upcoming projects is one of my favourite parts of an office space. A real-life Pinterest board, isn’t that right? Swatches, magazine tear outs and notes to keep it visual in your office space. I also like to keep our team organized by using online scheduling programs such as Coschedule,  Basecamp and Slack. They are great tools to keep everyone organized and on the same page. We can pre-schedule our posts being directly linked to WordPress and our social channels, as well as have tasks and to-do lists synced together. It’s really helped establish our systems and goals.  If you are a list person, you might also like Wunderlist,  a great tool to keep everyone’s to-do list organized and super easy to check off individually or as a  team.

I also try to have some sort of greenery around. I’m sure you know by now that I’m addicted to fresh flowers, they bring such life to your space. It’s easier to work when your space is clean with a fresh arrangement of flowers, even if it’s just a simple bloom in a bud vase. When I find I’m having an overwhelming week or day, I’ll run into my favourite florist for some fresh blooms. Such a great pick me up! Photos by Matthew Land Studios.

white pink and orange flowers with large window

Most importantly, organization is key in terms of your books, decor pieces, and odds and ends.  Try to have an organized and tidy space. I don’t know about you, but I need my surroundings to be tidy, otherwise I just can’t focus on work.  I’m a big fan of open shelving, displaying books and odds & ends. Closed storage for the unwanted items that don’t look that great or tidy on display. Love these inspiration photos. They’re a great example for how to display your favourites in a bookcase or open shelving built-ins. Ellie Somerville’s office is great inspo too! 

And, last but not least, having a healthy and refreshing meal at some point of your work day is key. I try to stick to light options such as a salad or a soup so I don’t feel bloated or exhausted from a heavy meal. I just stumbled across this spinach apple salad with coconut lemon poppy seed dressing over on Drool Worthy. It would make the perfect midday meal!

Kale pecans green apple and avacado salad And, most importantly, don’t forget to set goals! Write them down, tell somebody else about them! You’ve heard it a million times, but setting goals and working hard to get there are truly some of the most important keys to success! Be specific, dream big and maybe even make goals outside of work. It’s okay to think about your health, activities you’ve always wanted to try! I’ve asked the girls from our team to share some of their goals for 2017.


Taylor, Director of Content & Partnerships

1. On the weekend, spend one night away from studying and my phone, and focus on something new I have never done, such as trying a new restaurant,  cooking class, sport, or concert etc.
2.  Learn to sail
3. Be more present in the moment and give my full attention. I often get so caught up in my studies and work ideas that I don’t always give my full attention when I am with my loved ones.

Riley, Copy Editor

1. To exercise more and eat better but also not be too hard on myself if I miss a workout or have a cheat meal and learning to cook healthy balanced meals that I can take pride in. It’s all about balance.
2.  To let the little things go and not spend too much time worrying about the things.  I’m realizing I can’t change or change things that won’t matter in a few weeks time.
3. To spend more time outside. I find that if I don’t spend at least a little time outside each week I start to go a little stir crazy. So whether it’s hiking or camping or just a walk or run outside I think it will be important for me to spend more time in nature in 2017.

Erin, Food Contributor

1. Be as present as possible. This is hard to do at a time where life is moving so fast, yet I feel the need to really step back and drink in all that life has to offer me.  Really devoting my attention to whomever I am with, or to whatever task I am doing.
2. Say YES. I have always been a yes kind of lady, but I feel so deep down inside that this year I need to say YES to anything that comes my way that’s positive and not let fear inhibit my opportunity to grow. This is more of a career goal and to just expand my knowledge of food.
3. Plant and GROW. Grow more. Learning to garden has never been a strong suit for me, or maybe I have not put my all into it. I want to show Nate (my little guy) how amazing this earth is and how we ourselves can grow our own food to eat. Just the simple things herbs, lettuce greens etc.