Activities For The Kids

We are officially on spring break and keeping the kids busy is a must! It has been a long time since we have shared some of our favourite items for kids so today we’ve rounded everything up from fun card games, educational books to craft ideas. I’m sure many of us have also decided to stay home with our families during this outbreak of COVID-19. It’s interesting to see that the kids know that there is something different in the air, they’re asking questions and can sense concern in adult conversations. I, myself, have been trying to keep the kids entertained with things we have around the house. With the uncertainty of what’s ahead, I also thought it would be nice to purchase a few things for the kids and keep them tucked away for when the days are longer and perhaps even for an (actual) rainy day. Plus, it’s always exciting for them when I pull out a new activity or game.

Below you’ll find a handful of activities you can do with your kids. Some new, some favourites of ours too. Our kids LOVE the game UNO, it’s a great game for all ages and can be played over and over and over again. I was excited to find this three pack tin, games every family should own. I fell in love with the little wooden peg people, a fun activity for the kids to paint and create your family members out of these adorable pegs!  Imaginative play is so great for kids, why not foster it even more with the most adorable Lemonade and Fruit & Veggie sets. If school is going to be out for a little longer than expected it’s a great idea to keep up with some of the skills they are learning while in school, this math book is fun cute all at the same time. Currently in my cart is the number counting board for Lillya, she loves watching our brother learn about math… I think this would make her day.

In terms of free actives online and some fun crafts, I’ve listed a few of our family favourites for you below.

Looking for an easy Playdough recipe? This one will help you make any colour under the sun, your kids will love helping make it too!

Art for Kids Hub includes fun art videos for your kids to follow along, drawing one step at a time. Liam can’t get enough!

Quiet time might be watching a movie, or reading a book for your kids. I also like to stream a kids yoga class for the kids, helping them wind down any time of the day. My family had enjoyed Cosmic Kids, free themed yoga classes for ages 3 and up. Lillya loves this Frozen themed yoga class.

PBS Kids have lots of fun games, stories and activities on their site that your kids can enjoy at home.

Interested to teach your young ones how to stay healthy? Sesame Street has an amazing resource page teaching kids about hygiene, printables to stay on track with washing hands, tooth care and more. Very impressed by this page, I think you’ll love it!

Looking for some easy science experiments to try with items around your house? Science Field Trip has  a number of fun projects that are simple and fun. Can’t wait to try a few, I know Liam will love getting his hands dirty with these!

We hope this helps you be even more creative with your kids and connect with them whether it be through creating a craft, reading together or even taking part in one of their imaginative adventures!
Stay safe and have fun!


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