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It’s no surprise that I am a lover of all white and with Dinner En Blanc in Vancouver just around the corner, I’ve made this post so you can see all my outfit inspiration. Including a few things you might need last minute before you head out and set up your all white everything table!

Dinner En Blanc originated in Paris nearly 30 years ago, with just a small group of friends.  Now the event is huge and always highly anticipated all around the globe! Guests dressed in all white will gather at a location revealed the day of, and participate in a gorgeous outdoor evening! The fun part (and perhaps just a little stressful too), is that each couple sets up their own table, bringing their own tables, chairs, cutlery, florals, decor… everything you’d need for an extravagant or low key dinner in white!

Although the largest turn out for this event is still in Paris, it takes place all over the world!  You can check the website for a city near you and gather inspiration from this post and my style board! Follow along on my social channels this Thursday to see it all unfold!