Another bfrend feature! Glitter Guide!

I was thrilled to see our bfrend bracelets on the Glitter Guide this weekend-“5 things to try this weekend”! Did you have a chance to see??  One of them being… the ‘arm party’ trend! Have you stacked your wrist lately? Well it’s not too late to start! Grab some of your fave bracelets, gold, silver, beaded and most importantly your favourite friendship bracelet!
Glitter Guide was sure to include bfrend bracelets on their list! So thrilled! Couldn’t help but stack my wrist up that much more this weekend! Such a fun trend this summer! Thank you to all the glittery ladies at GG! I think I might have a glittery bfrend in the works! Maybe “glitter girl” is what we’ll have to name this up and coming bfrend bracelet!  xo

AND just in time for the newest bfrend bracelets to make an appearance! These might be my new fave! The “popsicle series” with dual colors and and easy to stack one or two or three of your fave color combos!

Have a peek at all the new bfrends to choose from!

photos taken by Jasalyn Thorne