Aperol Spritz Slush Cocktail

It’s Friday and what a perfect time to share this simple take on a classic Aperol Spritz. Troy and I both love this Italian cocktail during the summer months. A few weeks back we decided to make a frozen blended version, and oh my it was so good. I had lots of requests for the recipe after I shared a photo on my Instagram stories. I’m happy to share that it’s a quick and simple spin on the classic recipe; with the addition of some ice and of course, the power of your blender. We hope you can enjoy this bittersweet blended cocktail during these final weeks of summer.

Aperol Spritz Slush
Serves 4
Prep Time: 5-10 Min

2 cups ice
1/3 cup Aperol Liqueur
1 Cup Prosecco
1/4 Cup Club Soda
Sliced Orange and Grapefruits

1. In a blender add the ice, Aperol and Prosecco, blend on high until a nice smooth consistency.
On low blend in Club Soda.

2. Divide into glass filling halfway, top with a splash of Prosecco.

3. Enjoy!