Warm, Welcoming Autumn Home Decor

As the weather grows colder and the leaves start to change color, I love celebrating fall by bringing some warmth and coziness into our home. Here’s a look at the warm, welcoming autumn home decor I’ve been pulling together to celebrate the season’s arrival this year. One of my favourite places to find unique home decor pieces and those extra small details is over at Etsy.  They have such a great selection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Adding a few items here and there can set the perfect tone for welcoming in any season of the year!

This season I liked to look for pieces that added warmth, textures and of course a signature fall smell to the house. Bring in the pumpkins from the patch and fresh apples from the orchard and you have yourself a gorgeous array of fall touches in your home!

This gorgeous over sized wicker basket filled with deep red beautiful apples acts as a perfect centerpiece on the table. (Doesn’t always have to be a bouquet of flowers.) I love how the basket adds height and depth. Paired with a simple runner, it transforms into a stunning focal point for the room!

We absolutely could not get over how beautiful this wildflower needlepoint art is! And so on trend. It adds a little extra color and whimsy to the neutral toned chalk-painted pumpkins on the mantlepiece. (By the way, I love creating a fall mantlepiece. Anyone else with me?) I think these small ornamental scissors packaged up with some beautiful ribbon would make a wonderful hostess gift. As well as adding that extra touch of character to your home or space.

I also love the idea of adding bunches of dried wheat, in a simple crock. Such a beautiful timeless look!These glasses tucked in woven wicker cupholders are perfect for a soothing cup of hot apple cider. These would be great to include if you are hosting any special gatherings this fall, like a harvest party. They’re pretty enough to keep on display all year round.This Pumpkin & Cashmere candle smells unbelievably delicious. Luxurious, even. The simplicity of the package and branding sets it apart. It definitely made the house smell like fall has arrived! I especially love the scent of these candles, not overpowering or fake smelling. Just perfect!

This post was sponsored by Etsy. All opinions and styling are my own.