Back to School Snack Hack

This post is sponsored by Welch’s® Fruit Snacks. I am being compensated for this post. All comments are opinions are my own.

Needless to say, it’s already been an exciting and eventful year for our family. (Not to mention I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of summer!). Lots of exciting milestones and changes have been checked and marked. This year Liam’s big, exciting milestone: He’s starting kindergarten in September!

It’s hard to wrap my mind around how he’s already old enough for kindergarten. I mean, wasn’t he just Blake’s size yesterday? Seriously. Time is flying by. And now he’s going to elementary school! While it’s hard for me to fathom, I am sooo excited for Liam. He can’t stop talking about it, “Is it September yet mommy?” It’s so sweet that he can’t grasp the concept that September is not next week.

I don’t want to admit it… before we know it, we will be fully immersed in school routines and schedules. We get to look forward to all kinds of fun new school-related activities and responsibilities that are added to our plate. Like making lunches, for instance. Honestly this one scares me a little- I need to come up with more creative ideas for how to keep lunches and snacks interesting and delicious day in and day out. Fortunately, I already have a go-to snack for back to school that Liam absolutely loves.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks are a popular little treat in our house. They’re easy to tuck in my bag to enjoy while we are on the go, or to sneak into Liam’s lunch bag for a special treat. Unlike other fruit snacks, Welch’s Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit – and it’s the first ingredient, too! That’s a huge plus in my books. I’ve been known to sneak one or two Welch’s Fruit Snacks for myself. I can’t help it!

As a busy momma with three little ones (still getting use to saying three!!) I’m really trying to take a couple extra minutes to go out of my way to add extra-special touches to each child’s day. For Liam, I love having a creative snack on hand for him, and one that he can help make too. His latest favourite after-school snack is our extra-special trail mix: I start with Welch’s Fruit Snacks as our first ingredient. Depending on what we have in our pantry, I will toss in a few other items. Liam loves the addition of  popcorn and cereal so sometimes I add them. We have included pretzels to give it a sweet/salty feel. The options are endless, easy to customize to different tastes! 

This mix I made included the following
Welch’s® Fruit Snacks in Mixed Fruit

Large flaked coconut
Cereal of your choice
Mini chocolate chips Pretzels

Occasionally, when the kids have friends over to play, I will mix up all of the ingredients and portion them out into smaller paper bags so each person has their own special treat. It is always a popular snack around our house!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks are a delicious treat sure to be enjoyed by the entire family – from those headed back to school to the ones navigating the carpool lane! If your looking to add this snack mix into your back to school routine we have a coupon for you!