Bedroom Inspiration

Oh the wonderful world of home decorating! I haven’t done a home decor post in a long time! It’s more than time! Not to mention, I have so many of you commenting on how much you enjoy looking through my home post. Plus, being inspired when decorating your own home!

Truth be told! That is our old place!  We’ve since then moved and created some what of a new design look! I’ve been wanting to post new photos so you can see it, but we’ve sold a lot of our furniture and still looking for the perfect replacements! Good news is, we’re ALMOST done. We’re now onto finishing up the bedroom.

If you’re following me on twitter or instagram, then you know that we’ve finally found a headboard and side tables! I’m so excited to be adding the finishing touches! Can’t wait to show you all! For now, I thought I would show you a little of my inspiration board! Thank goodness for Pinterest!

All photos have been pinned to my “lovely home” board on Pinterest