Bedroom updates with BLACKS

Mother’s Day is this weekend! (Friendly reminder).

What better gift than a captured moment with mama and her babes? I cherish the moments that I have with Liam, and am constantly reminded just how fast they all go by! If you know me, you know I love to capture as much as I can through my camera lens! But isn’t it funny how we take thousands and thousands of photos and hardly go ahead and develop them? Well this mother’s day do yourself a favour and develop some of those favourites! Better yet, get them printed onto canvas or metal! YES, metal!

When I was placing my last order with BLACKS I knew right away I wanted to get some images onto canvases, however when I saw the metal option I was intrigued! I ordered just one, just incase it wasn’t for me! To my surprise it arrived looking great! The pigment of the metal printing is vibrant, crisp with a beautiful gloss finish. I love the look!

Both are easy to switch in and out in your favourite little vignette corner of your house. Mine of course is my bedside table!

Canvas: B&W photos, Metal: Photo of Liam & Troy.


 Shoes: Kayla Flat , Tunic: Tory Butch, Sandels: Tory Burch