Behind the Scenes

If you follow our bfrend Facebook page, you might be wondering who Kiran, Kate and Brenden are! And what does a business school have to do with bfrend? These three amazingly hard working fourth year BBA Entrepreneurial Leadership students approached me to help them Ace their final business project at Kwantlen University! I of course wanted to help!

They have taken over a piece of  bfrend and have made it into their own business project! They are in the middle of selling bfrend bracelets for a 6 week period  for a very exclusive price, till March 16th. All profits generated from this business launch will be donated back to the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Venture Fund, which supports young entrepreneurs starting new businesses! And of course, at the end of it all they are marked on their performance, marketing strategy and sales profit.

I am 100%  in awe of their business ethic and their elaborate plan of action! I would love for all my readers to support them and help them Ace their final project! (Even liking their bfrend Facebook page will help!)

Colors available: Black, White, Hot Pink, and Turquoise

$40 for one bracelet, $35 each for 2+
S+H: $7.50 for 1 bracelet, $12.50 for 2+

Email [email protected] or visit “shop now” on Facebook to place your order!!!

Thank you for your support!
Monika xo

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