Bell Sleeves For Days

Popping up on tops, jackets and dresses, bell sleeves are an absolute must-have item for your wardrobe this spring!

Whether you’re drawn to a delicate, subtle style or a bold, dramatic one, there are plenty of options to find what fits for you. There’s no question they add a feminine touch to any outfit, and a statement sleeve is a look that can easily transition from day to night.

I recommend pairing a bell-sleeve top with a skinny pant or pencil skirt. Add a statement clutch. Balance out the look with a fun necklace or earrings. If you happen to find a bell-sleeve top in a store, make sure to pull your size and bring it into the change room with you – you’ll be surprised how cute they (and you) look! Don’t forget the shoes!

Bell sleeve and trends for spring monika hibbs
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M O R E   B E L L  S L E E V E D  T O P S  &  D R E S S E S