Bikinis Under the Sun!

Time to hit the gym and start thinking about “that” bikini! I love swimwear! I could seriously walk into a mall and come out with a new shade of lipstick and a new bikini every time! HOWEVER,  I do have a hard time spending over a $100 on just one! I would rather have a dozen fun colourful bikinis that I can mix and match, and not be completely broke! Here are some of my favourites! All in a nice price range, leaving you with some extra coin for a new pair of shades and a fun beach tote! … Don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂

Don’t forget to enter to win The KateSpade gold Foiled Pouch… perfect to throw in your beach bag!

H&M Black and white Checkered
H&M Banana Boat Bikini
Navy Polka Dot Ruched Padded Bikini $60
Pink Top- TopShop $24
H&M Neon Western Bikini
Black Lace Bandeau Bikini $68
Tribal Prink Bikini $17.97 each
Black & White polka Dot bikini top $17.00 each
Red Rope Bikini TopShop $55