Blake’s Nursery

I’ve been so excited to share this post with you all! My final and last nursery that I decorate for my babies. Even though we didn’t have much time left living in our home, I wanted to put something tougher for our baby Blake. Click to see Liam’s, Lillya’s and my nephew Theo’s nurseries from the MH archives.

This room in our home was pretty much complete, since it served as our guest room. Wallpaper was hung, roman blinds were made and installed… and we had just tested a new “Do It Yourself” shiplap product in the room. (More about the shiplap to come.) I knew I was ordering Blake a few things for the room; dresser, bedding, some accent pillows and perhaps a piece of art. I already had the crib, we used the crib that we had for Liam. So designing this room was relitivley quite simple.

I’m happy I was able to complete our house with Blake’s nursery. Almost acted like a bit of closure before we had to move. Plus who knows… we might just be thinking of transitioning him into a big boy bed once we are ready to move into the new house! Because we all know how fast time flies too!  That all being said, I’m so IN LOVE with how it turned out. Everything flowed together perfect, despite how it was all pieced together. I just adore all the details that made his room delicately coastal- perfect for a sweet baby boy!

As I mentioned above. This was also the crib we used for Liam. It was a gift from my mom, so I knew I wanted to use it again for Blake. Sadly it’s been discontinued from Restoration Hardware. I get so many questions about it from Liam’s nursery post, I really hope they bring it back, it’s so beautiful! They now have something similar, but just not quite the same. That crib skirt just completes that coastal relaxed vibe, I just love it!

Serena & Lily was defiantly my go to for new pieces of furniture and accessories for the nursery. From the gorgeous raffia dresser, to the endless amounts of pillows, adorable storage baskets and of course the crib bedding. They never ever disappoint! Plus the perfect place to look for items that add to a beach like feel to any space!

A baby monitor is definitely an essential item to have in our home. We have always used VTech baby monitors and we love them! The VTech Safe & Sound VM991 Video Baby Monitor  is simple and white, blending in perfectly with the aesthetic of our nursery. I especially love the added features which include 2-way talk, allowing you to communicate with your little one, along with an app that lets you check in on your phone from wherever you may be.  Definitely a plus! 

Of course I love to add Minted art in any space I design. They have hundreds of art pieces to choose from. I love that you can select your custom frame, and the plastic instead of glass framing is perfect for nursery and kid’s rooms!

This large scaled beach art completed the coastal vibe to the room. It’s simplicity and muted colors worked perfect alongside the busy wallpaper I already had in the room.  I also added the little adventure print, which I then hung with their new wood frame hangers. So adorable don’t you think?

One of my favourite elements in this nursery is the dresser from Serena and Lily. It is seriously even more stunning in person! This type of furniture investment pieces stay with you forever. Which really makes them extra special! Plus it not only serves as gorgeous design piece but obviously perfect for storing their adorable teeny clothing, blankets, swaddles, diapers etc. I even use one of the top drawers for his keep sakes.

Anyone else totally a window seat person? What’s there not to love right? My motto: “When and if possible, add an widow seat”. I love the character and comfort that they add to a room. Plus the best way to add in more pillows! More pillows please!

As you already know we love Hatch Nursery products in our home. Each one of the kids has the Hatch Rest in their bedroom. We absolutely looovvveee the Hatch Baby Grow. It’s a changing pad and scale combined in one. (What you say?) Yes! You simply install their app on your phone, which then sends through your baby’s weight directly from the changing pad to your phone. It’s perfect! Both Liam and Lillya had acid reflux and I was always going in to check on their weight at the doctor’s office. This is definitely easier and provides peace of mind. Plus also helps you track feeds and the exact amounts your baby has eaten based on weight before and after a feed. How amazing is that?


As I mentioned we added shiplap ( by Metrie) to the room which drastically added a coastal vibe to the space.  This product looks and feels amazing. Plus being pre-painted, it’s an absolute dream to work with! We will have more coming up about this on the blog about how the product was installed so stay tuned!


Raffia Dresser
Wall Mirror 
Pillows: Stripped Tassel, Cream PomPom, Grey Stitched, Beige Tassel
Gray Stripped Linen Pillow
Crib Bedding: Fitted Sheet, Crib Skirt, Quilt
White Table Lamp
Macrame Wool Rug
Storage Basket
Wool Knit Blanket
Waves Printed Blanket
Swaddle Blanket
Beach Art above Crib
Adventure Print + Wood Frame
Customizable Wooden Modern Blocks
Roman Blinds + Window Seat cushion
Baby Monitor V-Tech
Changing pad/scale Hatch Baby