Blake’s Surprise Baby Shower

This was one of the biggest and most thoughtful surprise gatherings of my life. Seriously. Last time I’ve been this surprised by my friends and family was at my 30th birthday party. I’m excited to finally share this beautiful baby shower with you, it’s about time right? I kept pushing this post week by week, because I really wanted to sit down and really share each detail. Since life has been go-go-go go since Blake has been born, I can’t believe I haven’t been able carve out the time till now. To be honest since school has started, the school drop offs between; Liam’s full Kindergarten days and Lillya’s half pre-school days, have really caught me off guard. I’m now finally getting the hang of the driving schedule and how much time is dedicated to get them to and from school. (That includes activities too!) Troy and I have gotten our little system in place, with the help of some last minute texts to my cousins to grab him while I’m running those, oh you know 3-5 minutes late. But it’s good, I’m getting into the swing of three kiddos, drop offs and back to work with the the MH team and even fitting in a workout here and there. So!!! That all being said, I apologize for taking so long to share this gorgeous baby shower with you all!

Let’s go back to August. As you may have seen on Instagram before I delivered Blake, I was spoiled with the most thoughtful baby shower! I was completely blown away and didn’t expect a thing. Based on what I knew, I was headed to a photo shoot for a maternity “magazine cover”, orchestrated by my friend, Kristy of Blush Wedding Photography. Due to the weather it had been postponed a week, which leaned being one week closer to having Blake… feeling one week larger, puffier and oh so swollen. I was nervous about not only feeling up to it, but also about the little details, like finding the right dress (that fit), getting my hair and makeup done and just being overwhelmed with being 39 weeks pregnant. A cover shoot? Ugh, I’m going to be honest with you I wasn’t feeling it one bit. I was thankful and wanted to help my friend out, but overwhelmed to say the least.

While we were on our way to the “shoot,” Troy made a stop on our way, explaining he had to pick up something for work at a random gorgeous house… hmm?  When we pulled into the drive way I instantly new something seemed suspicious.  I think I was uploading a story onto Instagram, so I was a little preoccupied, but when I looked up I knew right away what was going on. I walked into the backyard of the house, with the yard filled with my family and closest friends shouting, “Surprise!” A stunning outdoor long table lunch, complete with adorable boxed lunches and a delicious lemon cake, and so much love for our sweet baby to be! They got me GOOD!

My amazing friends Aly and Erin were behind the entire thing. (How they hid it from me for months is impressive!) They’re so incredibly thoughtful and kind to plan an occasion to celebrate me and baby #3. Along with Troy and Kristy, and many other talented and generous friends and companies, they conspired to pull the whole thing together and, well, it was simply beautiful. It was a lovely afternoon to enjoy an outdoor lunch surrounded by some of my nearest and dearest.

There were all kinds of special details: A huge boxwood hedge made a stunning statement. Troy made the “MH Baby” sign. The boxed lunch, included on each person’s chair, also included a pineapple kebab — which was one of my major pregnancy cravings! Sarah designed menus and place cards, handmade crepe paper flowers and drew woodland illustrations. There was a huge group of people and brands who came together to make this event happen. On behalf of myself, Erin and Aly, THANK YOU! We’re grateful for each and every one of you! I hope you enjoy the photos and gain inspiration for your future events.

Photography: Blush Wedding Photos
My makeup: Denise Elliot Beauty Co. 


Planning/Hosts: Aly Armstrong & Erin Girard
Catering: Culinary Capers Catering
Flowers: The Flower Factory
Flatware, Chargers & Water Goblets: Winston Events
Tent: Apex Tent Rentals
Decor Rentals: A&B Party Time
Linen: La Tavola Linen
Chairs: Eclat Decor
Wine: Dirty Laundry Vineyard
Ice-cream Cart:  JW Marriott Van
Boxwood Wall: Koncept Events
Cakes:The Cake Mama
Stationary: Sarah Konyer
Balloons: Frankie and Co Shop
Cake Stands: The Cross Design