Book Holiday Gift Guide

I love to give and receive books. There’s nothing better then getting lost in a good novel or be inspired by the endless ideas and photos in coffee table books. Truth be told I don’t read as much as I would like to, but any time I have a moment to myself I’ll make sure to reach for a good read. Whether is be a good recipe book, craft book, motivation read or lost in the pages in a good story… books are on the top of my gift giving list.

The MH team has curated a book gift guide to provide you with a of a helpful road map while you’re at the book store browsing for a good read or a book to gift this Christmas. Not enough time to crack a book open? Don’t worry they look pretty amazing styled on your coffee table, shelf or nightside table too. But perhaps this Christmas season sneak away and got lost in the pages with one of the books we’ve recommended below… you’ll thank me later. 

Cookbooks: one | two | three | four | Interiors: one | two | three | four | Faith: one | two | three | four |
Craft: one | two | three | four | A good Read: one | two | three | four |