Capturing My Beach Babe.

LiamBeach2015-2LiamBeach2015Kids beach Photo how toKids Beach Photo How to take a kids beach photo LiamBeach2015-3I’ve teamed up with Canon again to capture our sweet babes with Canon’s Plan Your Baby Moments tips! I love to shoot photos of Liam in a white room, sorta studio space like. But as he gets older and more interested in discovering, I thought I would move my “home studio” to the beach! Getting inspired and recreating tips and shots from featured on the Plan Your Baby Moments site.

You might remember me posting about the Facebook Baby Moments App- here, but now you can go straight to the Canon Plan Your Baby Moments site making it even easier to capture moments as the professionals do- in or out of studio! With added inspiration and professional advice from baby photographer Stephanie Robin.

Lots of the tips include shooting in an open and white space… or in my case I’ve chosen to shoot on a bright beach alongside the water. It’s easy to still create those airy photographs by simply changing the photos into black and white while you’re adding any editing finishing touches. The site really focuses on adding in some props, making the photos more interesting as all we including some distraction for your little ones- that makes taking photos that much easier!

Props that I brought along to the beach with me were: 
1. Dump Truck Toy
2. Shovel
3. Light coloured towel/ blanket
4. We found a crab, which added a cute natural additional touch!

I used my Canon SL1 with my EF 50mm f/1.4  to shoot the above photos.  I also added in a bit of editing to create an even airier and brighter look to these black and white shots.

Find some really cute props for all ages on Etsy with the Baby Moments.

Thank you to Canon for sponsoring this fun post! All opinions are my own.