Citrus In Your Home

There is no hiding the fact that I love citrus! Lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and limes – there’s nothing better than the fresh, clean scent of citrus. Not to mention how gorgeous it all looks!  Citrus fruits brighten up everything from a room to a recipe. Plus, a simple bowl of lemons on your counter can make a beautiful focal point on your kitchen counter. We’ve collected a few of our favorite ways to incorporate citrus fruit into your home. Enjoy!

For Your Kitchen
A bowl full of lemons, orange or kumquat branches and a burst of citrus in your cleaning products, will make your kitchen feel fresh and clean!

If you’re able, bring a citrus tree into your home. The kitchen counter is the perfect fit for a small potted version — just make sure it’s close to a sunny window. You could use a small rustic bucket like above (via Food52) or an aged terracotta pot.

Summer sink window openThese faux branches are from Caitlin Wilson Design and they certainly brighten up my kitchen without the work of watering the plant and keeping it healthy. There are some amazing faux citrus branch options that look realistic and may be the perfect fit for your space.

For Yourself

Citrus pops up in lots of beauty products and we are not mad at all. The soft pink tone of this DIY grapefruit thyme sugar scrub from Fall For DIY is pretty.  We are sure it would make your skin feel and smell amazing! After a long week, we wouldn’t mind keeping a jar of this scrub by the bathtub for some self-care.

A diffuser can do wonders in your home. Diffusing essential oils can provide a multitude of benefits, including brightening your mood! Fortunately, diffusers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – we like a clean, streamlined look –  so they can seamlessly blend in with your home decor. Some of our favorite citrus scents are from Saje (Hello, Liquid Sunshine!)  A clean, citrus-scented home is always enjoyable!

For Your Home

Airy kids playroom with lemon wallpaper

As you all know, I have these super cute lemon decals from Urban Walls in our play space (click to see full post) off of our kitchen. With the majority of the kids’ furniture being white with small touches of grey and black (and, of course, colorful kids toys), we think these decals are the perfect fit, adding a bright pop of colour and fun into our kids’ space.

Prints can be a great way to add citrus to your home. We are obsessed with Rifle Paper Co and everything they do. These two prints are a lot of fun and if you’re not feeling up to having decals in your playroom they could be the perfect addition.  You can also find this citrus floral print pattern of some of their paper and even a cute recipe box that would look perfect nestled in on a kitchen counter.

Food and Drink
Citrus plays a huge role in recipes. Sweet and Savoury recipes balance well with the addition of citrus from its bright and lively notes to the added acid, it really is so versatile. We often use citrus in our recipes over here at MH: We have a Citrus Bundt Cake using oranges, a classic Lemon Meringue Tart, and even our Frozen Lemon Meringue Bars.

This grapefruit and brussels sprout salad from Flourishing Foodie is a perfect example of how the acid of grapefruit would add freshness and a punch of flavor to these hearty greens. We think this salad would be the perfect addition to your next family meal or if you were having friends over, Perhaps accompanying  some light white grilled fish.

Coconut Lemon Curd Petit Fours, anyone? How pretty and delicious do these small little tea cakes from Broma Bakery look? That hit of lemon curd in the center is sure to make these taste out of this world. We love the pretty white glaze on top with the sprinkle of dried rose hips flowers — just gorgeous!

These Atlantic Beach Tart Bars are like a key lime pie meets a lemon square. You could use lemon or lime juice to make these squares or maybe even mix the two citruses!  They have sweetened condensed milk in the filling that is always a classic ingredient in a key lime pie. A light dusting of icing sugar over the squares is the perfect finishing touch.


We had to include this simple but stunning table setting. The light wood table, braided placemat, cream-colored linens, and kumquats are the perfect setting for a midsummer evening’s long-table dinner. We would love to be seated at this table with a warm summer breeze and enjoying a glass of rose with our friends and family. And how adorable are these name tags to finish your look!

citrus water in jug on counter top