Classic Knits

With the season starting to change and autumn weather slowly creeping in we are starting to reach for more cozy items to bring back into our everyday wardrobe. (I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda ready for it too!)  Knitwear is something I look forward to putting back into my daily outfits when that chill in the air sets in- there is nothing better than putting on your favourite sweater, even if it’s over a summer dress!  It really is the best and easiest way to transition your wardrobe into this next season. 

Classic knitwear can last you for many years, so I tend to stick with a soft and neutral colour pallet of creams, as well as adding a little depth in warmth with some caramels and light browns.  I find these colours pair well with my existing wardrobe and I don’t have to overthink my outfits too much.  This season we are seeing the trend of wearing your cardigan buttoned up all the way . If you want to wear it open try pairing it with a matching knit tank or classic white tee for an effortless look. And I don’t think I need to remind anyone that a front tuck is always welcomed!

This fall, I like to be a bit more adventures with the details and knitting of the sweaters that I add to my closet. Such as the eyelet and collar detail on this beautiful sweater, it sophisticated and delicately feminine all at the same time. (It just might be currently in my cart too- I’m obsessed!)  If you are looking to be a little more playful the pattern on this knit pullover sure to have your friends asking where it’s from, with an oversized playful check that’s trending this season. Now let’s talk about the embroiled “baguette”, on this darling sweater! It caught my eye the moment I saw it, you know I love anything with a little French flair. To be completly honest, I would add every one of these cozy knits into my cart if I could! Although I always love a steal of a deal, and I simply could not pass up this classic cut, and hue of this oversized cardigan. On that note, I might just have to add this one as a splurge to my Christmas list… the alpaca and marino wool blend says it all, wow! I know I’d covet it for years to come.

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