Quick, Easy Ways To Clean Surfaces

Dyson hand held vacuum

Do the words “marble”, “hardwood floors”, “stains”, and “daily cleaning” stress you out? Giving your home a good, deep clean takes time. It can be hard to get around to clean marble and other surfaces with so many different things going on – anyone else with me?!  I like to give my spaces a daily clean and wipe down, with a bi-weekly intense deep clean.

I’ve been experimenting and finding ways to deep clean my home’s surfaces without exerting lots of effort. Moving beyond my usual wipe down with my Norwex cloths and using what I have on hand to get things extra clean. Sharing some of my favourite tricks and one of the few cleaning solutions that I use.

Honestly,  with the right tools and supplies, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to deep clean different surfaces around your home. Below you’ll find what I’ve tried and continually works for me.

How to vacuum jute rugs

For sinks and taps: I remember my mom cleaning the sink with a leftover lemon slice and still remember the zesty smell! Little did I know, it is the absolute BEST natural cleaning aid. (Stay clear of your marble counters… more about that below.) Slice a lemon in half and rub it on the sink and tap. It’s incredible how well it works! My tap is super shiny, and the lemon adds a fresh, clean scent to the kitchen. It also works wonders on my cast iron sink. Plus, if you have a garburator, throw the used lemon in it to extend the fresh, clean lemon smell!

How to clean polished chrome

For marble surfaces: It’s no secret that I love marble counters! I get so many questions about how I care for my marble counters and backsplash. My kitchen countertops are all marble. Contrary to what you may have heard, keeping them clean can be easier than you think. You’ll want to be diligent about wiping up spills quickly; acidic food and beverages can leave etches in the marble.

We had them in our old house and decided to go with them in this house too!  When installing our marble counters, I decided to go with a honed finish. This is where the marble surface lacks the shininess and reflective qualities that polished marble has, giving it a more smooth and satiny feel when you touch it.  I prefer this look in the kitchen because it helps with the scratches due to the lack of that glossy/polished surface. Thanks to our friends at SSC Countertops, who not only installed our marble but also gave it that beautiful honed finish and added a nice thick edge to make it look perfectly beefy and livable when in the kitchen. (Note: We went for the polished marble finish in our bathrooms.)

Since we are talking about marble I also get a lot of questions about which type of marble we have in our house. It’s called Colorado Golden from the Calcutta region, available through Margranite in Vancouver.

How to clean marble

Clean marble with warm water and nonabrasive cloths for regular daily wipe ups. I LOVE our Norwex cloths! You want to be mindful about acidic foods such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, and juices… that includes wine, mamas! Organic food stains can be cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with a couple drops of ammonia. Oil-based stains need a soft liquid cleanser or a couple drops of ammonia. No matter what you choose to use, always read labels and do your research before applying anything to your marble surfaces.

For a quick emergency stain remover, make a paste out of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to help dilute and remove the stain from your marble surface. Don’t forget to reseal your marble surface at least once a year. I really can’t get enough of the look, and I honestly think they add an extra amount of character to your home. That includes a stain or two. When we were in Rome a few years ago, a random Italian man told us,”We don’t worry about the stains in the marble, they each tell their own story.” Touché.

For gallery walls: Photo frames are lovely, but I find them such a pain to clean. Instead of taking each one down to dust, the job is a breeze with my Dyson V6 Cord-free vacuum. If you’ve followed me for a while you know we’ve been Dyson customers since day one of marriage. We are newlyweds when it comes to the Dyson hand held – it was seriously love at first sight!  It’s lightweight so I can reach all the frames that are way too high for me, and the combination tool gets all the dust without knocking everything over! I also use it for our drapes and all those other high to reach spaces.

Dyson hand held vacuum tips

For stairs & floors: Again, I turn to my vacuum. Because it’s cordless, it’s easy to grab on the go in between meals and a quick cleanup!  I don’t have to juggle balancing everything when it comes to the stairs and pausing to switch outlets because the cord is stretched as far as it can go. I just pick it up and go. And I swear it takes under a few minutes to vacuum our entire staircase. It’s also very delicate on my oak floors, leaving no scratches and marks. When it comes to mopping and stains, oak floors can become a challenge. They’re a bit like marble where you have to be extra cautious of spills. They absorb oil and any colourful fruits left over on the floor from the kids or little accidents. The nice thing about oak floors is that they do add that comfortable, warm, rustic feel to your home. So I try not to worry too much about them being perfect all the time. I do like to give them a nice mop down with the yellow Mr. Clean floor cleaner solution. They always feel refreshed and clean and never leave marks or streaks which I’ve found other solutions commonly do.

Dyson hand held vacuum tipsHow to vacuum jute rugs

Again, It probably goes without saying we love our Dyson. It’s compact and lightweight, and it works hard. Plus, it converts into a handheld, too! I love that I don’t need to buy multiple products but can rely on my one vacuum to handle all kinds of jobs around the house.

If you’ve got your eye on a Dyson, visit Best Buy (or BestBuy.ca) to browse and compare the V6 Cord-Free with other models they have available. And if you’re the type of person who needs to see it in person, BestBuy.ca will let you know which of the nearest stores have it in stock before you hop in your car. Also, look out for a giveaway coming up on my Instagram! We’ll be giving one away to one lucky reader!! 

I’m all for making things easier – especially when it comes to deep cleaning my house. Have you tried any of the tips I mentioned above? Do you have any secrets to getting your surfaces extra spic and span? I’d love to know them!

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