Coastal Grandmother

Did we just name this post “Coastal Grandmother”? Why yes we did. With proud roots with this summer’s trend, inspired by the OG’s we love so much; such as Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give (or any female protagonist in a Nancy Meyer’s movie for that matter). Meet the cheeky TikTok trend that is gaining momentum as we move into the summer months ahead.

From long walks on the beach in an over sized linen shirt with a straw hat, to cooking in your kitchen over a dutch oven of vegetable soup from the garden. If it’s not already obvious, we are huge fans of this so called “new” trend.  A look that we already know and love, long before the young TikTok-ers  made it catchy. Now that it’s resurfaced with the cool kids, let us inspire you to dust off and press that old linen shirt. Get the jazzy summer music playing while the wine chills.  Don’t forget to add a bucket hat and a nautical stripe, while you effortlessly run out the door.

Steps on how to be a Coastal Grandmother:

No. 01 – Pull up an Adirondack chair. And if you can, gaze out towards the ocean.
No. 02 – Pour yourself a chilled glass of chardonnay.
No. 03 – Wrap yourself in a cozy neutral throw.
No. 04 – Toss off your espadrilles.
No. 05 – Plan out your market day for tomorrow. Don’t forget your market tote or gathering basket.

In the words of Anne Hathaway supporting the CGM on her social media, “May this moment never end.”.

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