Colour Blocking made easy

H&M: Dress, Belt, Shoes, Sunglass, Bangles & Pouch. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This Spring and Summer the colour blocking trend has hit by storm! You won’t find many pastels this season, instead the ‘colour wheel’ is bold and prominent! I’m still getting used  to the whole art of colour blocking! I laughed a little when I saw this “colour blocking already done for you” pink & coral dress! All I had to do was be creative with my shoes and BAM the perfect colour blocked summer outfit! 😉

Okay now for the next step. AND the next step is always more challenging in my world! We need to get a little deeper with the colour wheel and learn how to actually put an outfit together! Lets start with the basics.  Step 1: Finding colours that are bright and combining with others, “clearly” complementing each other! (Easier said then done, right?) Step 2: Differentiate you primary colours: Red, Yellow, Blue. Step 2: Differentiate your secondary colours (back to grade one we go…those are created when primary colours are mixed together!) … Green, Purple, Orange.

As we know some colours pair better together then others. Some hints would be pairing the 1) Analogous colours- three colours that are lined up on the colour wheel together. 2) Complementary colours-  those that are directly opposite on the colour wheel.  3) Consider tint and shade. Tints are colours that are mixed with white, shades are colours mixed with black. 4) AND most importantly the rule of two-thirds. Described perfectly below by Style Prompt.

Now pick your favourite colours and try it yourself! Here is what ELLE mag has to say, to get you well on your way to becoming a successful colour blocker! 🙂