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Hampstons style outdoor space

When we built our home, we set out to create comfy, cozy areas for spending time outside: A covered patio complete with daybeds, an entertaining deck with a full table and chairs, and a backyard space complete with a wood-burning fireplace.

The final (and trickiest) space to furnish was our backyard space around the wood-burning fireplace. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day while our kids run around the backyard – especially since it gets shady in the afternoon! During the winter months, we love huddling around the fire to roast marshmallows for a snack.

I really wanted to find something with black metal that was different from what I usually see. Fortunately, while browsing CB2, I found it! The Breton sofa and chairs were exactly what I wanted. I love their look. They fit in perfectly, complementing the black accents from the hardware and playhouse well.

We opted for a cement table and picked out three matching wicker lounge chairs. I threw a simple Euro-sized pillow on them. They have a black and white weave and they’re quick and easy to rinse off, making them great for kids!

Outdoor Fireplace Tray with figs and lemons

Hampstons style outdoor space

Hampstons style outdoor spaceCB2 Outdoor Monika Hibbs

These pieces would look great anywhere, no matter your design aesthetic. I think they’d work for a modern or rustic space. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find one to fit your space.

And my favourite finishing touch for this space? This oversized pouf adds warmth and texture, and I think it’ll be perfect for the moments when we want to sit close to the fire and roast marshmallows.

As the summer season comes to an end, I can’t wait to see the next collection of product in-store. If you live in Vancouver, you have to check out CB2. I love that it’s at the end of Robson Street. You can stroll down to the end of the street and see the entire collection in person – they’ve got everything from glassware to furniture. It’s huge! And so much fun to explore… You’ll definitely want to check it out!

Photographed by Tracey Ayton

Thank you to CB2 for sponsoring this post. All comments, product selections, and styling are our own.