DIY Crepe Paper Daisies with Daisy Crown

We started our journey into experimenting with making crepe paper flowers and we are totally addicted! It’s incredible how you can make pretty much any flower come to life with the magic of crepe paper!

Fortunately, when we’re inspired and our ideas for a new project are coming together, it’s easiest to hop online and buy all of our craft supplies at once. It can get quite frustrating trying to hunt down all the supplies you need for fun crafting. For this project, we picked out everything we needed from The arts and crafts section of their new site has absolutely everything you need for keeping your craft supplies stocked up and it was all so affordable thanks to their every day low prices. When our urge to craft crepe paper flowers strikes again, we can easily reorder the supplies from their homepage thanks to their new site re-design that allows you to save your past purchases, making it a breeze to reorder your supplies.  We love this personalized touch — so convenient (and potentially dangerous), right?!

Don’t be intimidated by this project. It might take you a couple blooms but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to stop! Gather some girlfriends together or turn on your movie of choice. Learning how to make these gorgeous flowers will make you proud! We’re obviously here to help with step-by-step instructions and a template to download at the end of this post. Have all of your supplies purchased including this trusty hot glue pen. (Yes, it a glue gun that’s a pen and so perfect for this project!) We didn’t even know these existed until we went to order a new glue gun with our Walmart order and we found this. We love it!

Inspired by these warm, bright summer days, we thought it would be fun to turn our crepe paper daisies into a sweet crown — perfect for playing dress-up or channeling summer festival vibes. The final product turned out absolutely lovely.

  1. Cut 2 ½” tall by 9” long strips of 180-gram white crepe paper and outstretch them. Use the petal template to cut out eight petals from the strip. Be sure to cut the paper so the ridges run the length of the petal.

  1. Once you’ve cut out all of the petals you will need to wrap the 22-gauge floral wire with the green floral tape. Twist floral tape around the wire. This gives a more realistic look to the flower stem.
  2. To create the daisy center use the template to cut out two center strips of yellow 180-gram crepe paper. Crumple on strip into a tiny ball. Twist the second strip in the center and wrap around the crumpled ball. Twist the ends around the end of the tape wrapped floral wire, secure by wrapping floral tap around.

Bend the bases of the petals. Glue the bent bases of two petals opposite each other where you wrapped the yellow paper around the stem. Hold them in place while the glue dries. Glue the third petal between the first two, and then fill in between those with two more. Continue to glue each petal opposite the next. You should have eight petals total.

Next, you will create the inner calyx sepal, which is the back of the flower. Using the green 180-gram crepe paper cut a 1” tall by 1 ½ “ long strip. Once you have cut the strip use the daisy calyces template to cut out the calyx. Glue along the straight edge of the calyx strip and then wrap it around the base of the petals. Glue down any loose edges. Wrap the base of the calyx with floral tape to secure.

You can use your paper daisies around the house for a simple decor look too! We love how delicate they look in a clear vase and stacked on books on a console table!

If you are attempting a floral crown, simply wrap and twist each stem around the next- as you would with real blooms. Space out the daisies based on how tight or loosely you want them to overlap. We suggest aligning them in the same direction, bending the bloom based on how you want it to fall/space on the crown of your head.

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Paper Daisy Template

Green floral wire (22-gauge)
Green floral tape
Italian crepe paper in white, yellow, and leaf green (try and match the green paper and the green tape)
Glue pen or gun
Glue sticks

When you’re planning your next craft project — whether it’s crepe paper daisies or whatever else strikes your fancy — be sure to go to We were thrilled with their selection and we even got free two-day shipping because our order cost more than $35. A definite plus!

This post was sponsored by Walmart. All comments, opinions, craft, and styling are our own.