Adorable Valentine’s Cards [Printables]

I hope I’m not the only mum who is always rushing around last minute, trying to find Valentine’s cards for my kids to give to their friends and cousins. When I do end up finding some, they often aren’t the cuuuutttttest. We end up settling for what we can find and, while my kids are happy, sometimes I wish I could have been more creative!

This year, I wanted to try something different! And I think you mamas might just like it too! We’ve made an adorable set of printable Valentine’s cards you can use – stress-free!  (All you need to do is buy some nice white card stock. Or send them to a local print shop.) Pick up some sweet treats to include or make your own. Regardless of what you do, you’ll be an A-plus mom who looks like she went the extra mile… without much more effort than what it takes to pick out a box of cards at the store!

Don’t forget to check out our yummy marshmallow heart recipe for the “S’more” treat bags! They not only look cute but are so yummy too! You’ll be surprised at just how easy they are to make. If you’re not into that, not to worry we’ve linked some cute heart ones at the bottom of this post! Or little mini ones would be cute too!

And you don’t have to use them for your littles. It’d be fun to tuck one in your husband’s work bag or hand them out to your coworkers. Surprise someone with a coffee adorned with the hot & steamy sleeve. They’re a sweet little something to brighten anyone’s day! (After all, who doesn’t love receiving a homemade card and a sweet treat?)

Download your Valentine’s Day Cards using these links:

S’mores Card
Extra Gum Card
Heart Pop Card
Tic Tac Toe Card
Hot & Steamy Cup Sleeve