DIYV coming soon…

This is seriously me stepping out of my comfort zone. I have stepped into the next level of blogging- Videos! This was a total accident and joke on me in the end! I experimented to see how on earth I would ever act on a video, possibly completely embarrassing myself!

Step 1| Post a picture on facebook and see how people respond. Check! Turned out that you all wanted a DIYV tutorial, showing you how to create the very trendy ‘knot’ on the crown of your head!

Step 2| Watch video to see how it all turned out! Fail! The sound never recorded!!!

Just when I was ready to show you how to challenge the knot, and challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone! Grr! Anyways, I decided to snap some quick photos to show you how it all turned out and get you excited for my re-recording of this fabulous do! Inspiration: Lauren Conrad’s cover of  her book ‘Style‘. SO watch out for the DIYV in the next week! 🙂 Exciting right?

Let me know your thoughts.. do you like Video Tutorials?