Easter Egg Hunt Printable’s! Hop To It!

One of my favourite weekends of the year, Easter! Since I became a mom I can’t believe how fast this weekend creeps up on us. I feel like I’m always scrambling to find a few simple decorations and some fun items for our Easter egg hunt.  The past few years I’ve noticed cute little flags and markers to put out into the yard to make finding those treats extra special… So, we thought we’d make some of our own and of course for you to enjoy! If you’re feeling a bit behind and looking for something simple to make, these DIY printables are just for you! They are available for you to download and print ( for free!! ) perfect for Easter egg hunts! All you need is some heavy card stock and a few simple supplies to complete this fun and quick DIY. Have the kids help you make them too.

Hey… rememeber when I told you how quickly this weekend creeps up on me… I had no choice but to finish this DIY and post up while on our family vacation in Hawaii. (You might have seen my behind the scene shots on my IG stories.) Truth be told, I’m excited to have these little flags with me so we can set up a small Easter Egg hunt here on the lawn in front of our hotel room. And yes, it’s that easy! I printed everything out here in Hawaii, ran in to Target for some supplies and voila!! 

What you’ll need for this quick Easter Egg Hunt set up! 


Small wooden dowels or wooden picks
Glue Stick or Glue Gun
Decorative Ribbon

DIY Instructions

  1. 1. Print out all three downloads onto heavy cardstock following your printer’s instructions.

2. Using the fold and cut lines on the dowloads, cut out the rabbit, carrots, and flags.

3. For the rabbit attach a dowel at the back of the paper of the body and secure with glue, you may secure with a small square piece of cardstock paper for stability.

4. For the carrots place a dowel in the folded area and secure with glue, you can use glue (or double-sided tape) to close the two ends of the carrot together.

5. Repeat step 4 for the each of the flags.

6. Tie a piece of ribbon to your wooden dowel for a decorative touch. I love the additional touch and the way they blow in the wind too.

MH Tip: If you have a larger area you can always print out more flags and carrots as needed!



I have also included a printable for Easter bunny footprints! Every year I receive so many questions as to how I create them, so I decided to include a little template for you all. Simply download and print as many copies as you would like, use the folding instructions on the paper to cut out 4 footprints at a time. Happy hopping around to make this weekend special mamas!



Wishing you and your family a wonderful blessed Easter long weekend. He is Risen!!