End of Summer Reads

Books Reading Summer Florals Monika Hibbs Reading Books Novel Fiction Summer Reads Monika HibbsThe Flower Workshop Florals Book Reading Monika HibbsSummer Reading Novel Fiction Florals Monika HibbsDinner with Edward Reading Books Novel Monika HibbsLove & Lemons Cookbook Reading Summer Floral Monika HibbsThe Year Of Cozy Reading Books Cookbook Recipes Monika HibbsThe Hopefuls Novel Reading Fiction Books Monika Hibbs The Great Gatsby Reading Books Novel Monika HibbsHappy Friday! Oh it’s going to be a hot and sunny weekend here in Vancouver! We’ve had such lousy summer weather this year, this will be refreshing.. hot and maybe sticky but I’ll take it!

The MH team is sharing their love for books on the blog today! Not just novels, but coffee table books and cook books too! They are some of my favourites right now… the covers included! Yeah… I confess, I initially always judge a book by it’s cover. But I have to say, that each and every one of these are just as good in the inside as they show on the outside! Hope you can pick one or two up! Have a great weekend!