Essentials for your Garden

Happiness is time spent in the garden! Although this year the season feels very delayed for us on the West Coast with cooler temperatures (and lots of rain!), I’m still looking forward to spending as much time in the garden as possible. I have put together some of my favourite essential gardening items to use, and a few that are on my wish list!

A variety of different size and shaped pots to fill up your outdoor spaces are a must in my opinion! These versatile pots can be used indoors or out, perfect for decks and patio displays as well. Made from rose hue clay, they patina beautifully and seem to only get better with age. This low planter pot makes a lovely addition to your outdoor space. Though they work for planting flowers, the porous grey terracotta clay is ideal for growing bounds of green herbs too.

I receive a lot of questions about the large wicker planters on my front porch. This one is similar in style to mine and you can easily add a liner to, or use as cachepot planters for double potting. Another great large pot option for your porch is this one. The height of this one would be perfect for integrating into your garden space. Larger pots are always an investment piece, but they will stand the test of time. Plus they are great for planting trees or shrubs that will look great all year round.

If you’re anything like me and love spending mornings in the garden collecting fresh flowers and vegetables for the day, this basket is the perfect depth and weave for all your gatherings.

Having reliable basics like a sturdy trowel, cultivator, and shears make for efficient planting and pruning and will last you years to come. This hose is so pretty and a nice touch to have a colour that works with your existing exterior décor, so it blends instead of distracting from your garden.

Troy and I have these tall Obelisk trellises in our vegetable garden and they are great for all climbing plants such as sweet pees, beans or climbing florals. The obelisk shape and cedar wood give the structure a classic appeal, making it equally functional and beautiful.

I can’t get enough of this watering can! It’s so unique and would be a show stopper on your front step too.

I hope you get to enjoy your own gardening space this summer, whether it be a patio garden, vegetable garden, flowers, or whatever you may be growing! Wondering what I have growing in my garden? Make sure to head over to this garden post, I’ve mapped out everything from flower garden, to my veggies and fruits too! As the seasons progress, I’ll be sharing more about my garden throughout the summer and into the fall on my social channels. Make sure to be following along! (Here is a peek at this year’s roses!)

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