Fall Porch Planting

Fall has officially arrived and with that comes the transition of plants within your garden, especially your front stoop! Who’s excited?! I look forward to the change in season and decorating the front steps with the coziness of pumpkins, grasses and decorative cabbages and a variety of plants. Updating your planters with autumn foliage creates a warm and inviting aesthetic to your home, not to mention the plants are low maintenance (less watering!) so that’s a bonus.

Getting my garden area ready for fall was a little different this year, mostly because our landscaping is not done yet. Because of this I was eager to decorate our front door step and steps. I might have missed the mark with a door mat, but overall I’m so happy with how it all turned out. Makes me so happy every time I drive up to the house.

When I start to plan my fall planting I like to stick to the season’s traditional plants, like full plants and pots of mums and specie planting (meaning planting a grouping of one type of plant or flower in a pot). For fall vessels, materials such as wicker baskets and terracotta pots bring even more warmth, depth and texture to your outdoor space. If you’ve seen any of our past planting posts you will know that our go-to garden center is West Coast Gardens, I absolutely love venturing out their way and picking out my favourite plants and flowers for each season of the year. If you are local it is a must-they have the best pumpkins too! Over the years we have learned a lot from the wonderful team and we are sharing a few simple tips below to keep your fall pots looking amazing for the months ahead.

Fall Plants I Used

Decorative Cabbage
Assorted Dusty Miller
White Pansies
Calluna (white) Heather
Fountain Grass
Sky Racer Grass
Assorted Pumpkins

Fall Planting Tips 

First things first. Choose a color scheme and theme. This year I chose natural deep tones in my pumpkins; more greens, grounded with a few whites in my variety of Heather and Mums. I’ve also added a few white pumpkins to make the over all look fresh and cohesive. For an organic natural look I decided on wicker baskets, terracotta and a couple vintage crocks I’ve collected over the years.

Plant as tight and full as you want your pots to look. Typically plants will not be growing much at this time of year, so I recommend to planting for a full look. More is more here!

Once you have planted everthing you can water with one dose of plant food, this will be good enough for the remainder of the fall planting season.

Make sure to keep up with your watering! Often early fall days can become quite warm during the daytime and your plants will need some water. Once or twice a week is fine, depending on your region. The soil should always be a little damp.

If you have larger baskets like the ones in my photos, save all of your small plastic containers from your plants to fill up the bottom 1/3 of your planter before putting your potting soil. This will help to use a little less soil as well as a wonderful way for the soil to drain for healthy plants! A bonus on both sides.

We can’t wait to see your front porches and fall planting come to life! Make sure to head over to this IG post so you can enter to win a gift card from West Coast Gardens! Happy Planting!


My Cardigan & Hat 

Woven Oversized Tray

All outdoor lighting available on monikahibbshome
Exterior Trim & Soffits from WindsorOne and painted to match Benjamin Moore Frostine in a satin sheen.
Cedar Shingles from G&R Cedar.  and painted to match Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.
Bluestone from Adera Stone.