Farmer’s Market Essentials

It’s Farmer’s Market season!! One of my favourite parts about spring and summer! Because who doesn’t love fresh, flavourful local produce and baked goods… and everything in between? Our local farmer’s market happens every Saturday morning here in Fort Langley. Last year, I tried to stop by every weekend. I would either go for a run with the stroller and fill up its bottom basket as much as I could or make it a fun family activity with a slow walk into town. The kids love it too and there is so much to teach them about where their food comes from. There are a few times in the summer where I’ll dress up in a flirty summer dress, grab my favourite market bag (and mesh produce bags), my large sun hat, my glasses, and a travel mug with tea in hand ready to hit the market. Ahhh, the sun on my face, warm breeze… is there anything better? Some days, I would leave the kids at home and make plans to go with a girlfriend too. I also love to visit new farmer’s markets when we travel to different cities. It’s a great way to try different types of fruits and vegetables and experience the local scene. Venturing out to a farmer’s markets is one of those little things in life that I just adore. Gives me all the feels. Hope you’ll all enjoy this special season too. If you have never been to one, why not try heading out to one this year?

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