Our Favourite Learning Tool

With Liam heading back to school and Lilly starting Pre-K, having educational toys at home is definitely a must right now. I think it’s so important for the kids to have toys that not only help with continual learning of their alphabet and numbers, but also sound out different words and slowly begin to read with the help with interactive games and stories.

I was excited when LeapFrog reached out to us. I’ve heard all great things about their systems and strategy learning. I’ve also been super interested to learn about how screen time on our smart phone’s is actually really harmful and damaging to our children. So we’ve decided to go from our minimal “emergency time” while waiting in restaurants or long car trips etc to nothing at all. I’ve discovered that bringing along books or small games distracted them just as well. I didn’t know too much about the LeapFrog systems and was a little hesitant to try them since I didn’t want to dive back into the whole technology use with kids.

On a little side note, how cute are Lillya’s Bloomer Romper and Bow??
Romper: Julie Dausell & Bow: Wunderkin Co

When we received the LeapFrog: LeapStart® 3D Learning System a couple weeks ago, I was so pleasantly surprised with how amazing their systems are. A bit mind-blowing actually!  And the best part was the kids instantly loved it and were playing and loving the activities! They instantly gravitate to it when they are looking for something to do. They both loved exploring the touch-and-talk games and, without even realizing it, picking up new skills like math, reading, problem solving and more. Cool part is we can purchase books relevant to their age group. It is such a bonus. Liam can learn at a Kindergarten level and Lilly at a Preschool level.

One of my favourite features about the LeapStart 3D Learning System is how it’s a great alternative for downtime or quiet time that doesn’t involve putting on a show and having the kids sit in front of the TV. I love when my kids play outside and use their imagination, getting creative with paint or colouring but sometimes they need a chance to unwind and rest. The LeapStart 3D is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged – and they don’t even realize how much they’re learning! Again, when it comes to waiting for food or the bill at restaurants and going on long trips, I’ve learned to pack our LeapStart 3D along with us.

And even though there are a couple years between Liam and Lilly, it’s perfect for both of them. In fact, I’ve ordered a second one so they can both play side by side with no arguing about which one of them gets it next. There’s a great selection of books for a variety of ages and stages, and you can create an online profile that makes it easier to add new books when you have them. It’s a toy that can grow with both of them. I love it!

In case it hasn’t been totally obvious, I am so, so impressed with the LeapStart 3D. I highly recommend it to any of my mom friends – or any grandparents – out there! It’s such a wonderful addition to our playtime and learning time!  My kids are still just as enthralled with it today as they were when we received it, which if you have kids, you know it’s a sign of an excellent toy! It’s a 10/10 in my mom books! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to have them in our house

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This post was sponsored by LeapFrog. All opinions and comments are my own.