Feeling girly.

I am a complete girly girl. So it took me a little while to warm up to spikes and studs, since they don’t come off as the most girly staple item. But, lately I’ve completely made a full turn and keep picking up the most adorable spike and studded items!

I just bought my first studded item last week, a classic denim jacket fully bedazzled in studs> click here to  have a look! I can’t stop wearing it, I absolutely love it! AND now I know that I’m ready for more! Here are a few other items that I wouldn’t mind including in my life!


1. Spiked Gold Bracelet | ASOS $13
2. Tell me about it black Stud Purse | Lulu’s $44
3. Pointed Stud Earrings | $100
4. Gold Mesh Studded Platform | Lulu’s $168
5. Empire Spike Clutch | $105
6. Empire Zip Wallet |  $86
7. Spike Drop Earrings | ASOS $9.98