Feeling Good from the Inside Out

“The Monika Hibbs team created this post as a paid ambassador for Align® Probiotic. All opinions and advice are our own and we only work with companies we genuinely love and have used prior to being contacted.”

Our MH team is a group of busy, working mamas who are always looking for ways to stay healthy and keep our energy up. We thought it might be fun to share some of the ways we achieve this. We all feel collectively that being proactive with our health, finding ways to keep ourselves feeling good from the inside like taking Align® probiotic once a day are some of our top priorities! See the recipe below for our team smoothie bowl, as well as our team’s daily routines.

MH Favorite Smoothie Bowl Recipe

3 frozen bananas (we always pop ours in the freezer when there very ripe perfect for this recipe)
4 ½ cups of Frozen Berries of your choice Strawberry is a top pick for the MH team
1 ¼ cup of milk of your choice we love almond

Fresh fruit
Toasted coconut
Sesame seeds

Directions: Place everything in the blender and start to blend it will look like it’s not working but keep blending you want a nice smooth thick texture, its best if you have a high powered blender for something like this. Divide into bowls serve with desired toppings.

Team MH

As a busy mom, I try to eat as healthy as possible but when I miss a meal or eat something that isn’t the best, I often feel bloated which I absolutely hate. To help with this I’ve been taking Align® every day, which provides probiotic bacteria that contribute to a natural healthy intestinal flora and I feel so much better. This paired with upping my water intake, staying careful about what I eat, and taking walks has helped a lot. Beginning the morning with a stretch, drinking water and lemon before my coffee, eating lots of salads and proteins are all things I am trying to incorporate in my daily routine.

For me, living well is all about balance. I generally eat really healthy (vegetables are actually my favorite food – if you can believe it!), but I also like to indulge here and there. I love going on walks and hikes with my family and our dog, which is a great way to get fresh air and exercise. I’ve never been a gym person but I’ve been practicing yoga and Pilates for over ten years now and I try and get to a class twice a week. I also aim to make a smoothie in the morning to kick-off my day right. Finally, by taking Align® every day I can help support my gastrointestinal health. Since becoming a mom I find I get run down easier than I used to and ensuring I take supplements has really helped!

Commuting to and from work means I spent a lot of time sitting. I’d love to say I counteract it with all kinds of exercise but, yeah, that doesn’t happen. I try to stay active — whether that means I’m running after my toddler or carting laundry baskets up a couple flights of stairs — and fit in a run or yoga class when I can. Eating well and staying hydrated are top priorities on my list. And sleep. I’m a stickler for sleep. I need a decent night’s sleep to function properly during the day. I’ve recently started to up my supplement game by including a probiotic like Align® into my regular routine too. I’m hoping it will help to improve my digestive health – having good gut health is important when you’re a busy mom!