Floral Dresses All Over Again

It’s no secret that floral prints are still such a huge trend (again) this spring and summer.  Personally, I love love, love, love them, they’re classic and feminine and give off such a fun and flirty feeling all at the same time.  Whether the dress is a soft neutral pattern or a beautiful embroidery, or has a pop of colour there is something so special about them making them perfect for any occasion. I’ve been drawn to the more English liberty like floral print dresses, which is essentially smaller flowers placed in a tight repetitive pattern. Most of these dresses can be playful for a more relaxed every day look or have a more ethereal feel making them perfect to wear for a romantic evening, especially the maxi lengths. Whatever your particular style is, there is sure to be one that is just right for you. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favourites for the upcoming warmer whimsical months.

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