For our Moms

Mother’s day is just around the corner and even though things are looking a little bit different this year, there is still such a beautiful way to celebrate our moms. Curb or porch-side included! Even though we will not be able to all gather together over brunch, it’s still one of my favourite weekends of the year and we’re sure to make it special!  There is no stopping sweet little gestures, phone calls, a perhaps even a surprise flower delivery!

Maybe you plan to create a little gift package to drop off on her doorstep with some blooms and a home-baked dessert. Or maybe you’re packing up something to ship, if she is further away to brighten her day. Today, we have included some lovely gifts that are timeless and sure to be a welcomed surprise, although all us moms know even a handmade card and a simple Happy Mother’s day is all our mama hearts need!

A little addition to her wardrobe may be just what she needs and let’s start with the perfect dress (they are my go-to staple piece in the summer, I love how easy they are to wear). I might just send Troy the link to this floral Tory Burch dress, (crazy on sale too!) with a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge, it’s adorable!! I love the bow tie detail at the top of this delicate floral patterned dress, sure to be worn endlessly throughout the spring and summer months. Why not treat her footwear with a  perfect pair of sneakers, the muted tone of these would pare with a dress, light denim or even shorts. And how can we forget the essential summer hat, if you know me then you know I loooove my hats, the oversized banded detail on this one is so pretty.

Some more classic gifts for her could be a beautiful bottle of perfume, I love any sent from AERIN and particularly this one that reminds me of a day in the Mediterranean. If you want something more sentimental this necklace from Leah Alexandra is so classic and timeless with the delicate addition of 5 pearls. If she is not a necklace lover this dainty moonstone ring may be more her taste, it’s one of my favourites.

If she’s into home design she may prefer something new for her home like a great coffee table book, it’s one of my personal favourites; Endless pages of inspiration.  Bread-making seems to be a new hobby many have invested in during this quarantine, a dutch oven is not only beautiful in a creamy white colour but functional for helping to make the perfect loaf, try our bread recipe  with her too! Speaking of recipes, there are many of my mom’s recipes in my new book Gather at Home, I actually dedicated this book to my mom, it’s something I will always cherish and am so thankful that I was able to create. You can never go wrong with a new throw for her home,  the soft blue hue of our classic striped throw from MH home adds a touch of spring, perfectly draped over a chair or sofa.

Whether or not you make her something or are treating her to a little something special the most important thing is to celebrate her and let her know she is loved!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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