Gifts For the Fathers

We’re so grateful for the amazing men in our lives. Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17 – friendly reminder!  It’s our favorite opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the influential men in our lives.  We’ve gathered a few of our latest (and greatest) gift ideas in the collection below. No matter whether you’re honoring a biological or adopted father, your baby daddy or a father-to-be, a grandfather or another father figure in your life, we think these gifts will be popular with all kinds of guys.

I know Troy would love all of these items but I am especially obsessed with this croquet set from the Magnolia collection we all love! Isn’t there something so fun and nostalgic about it? I can just see him outside with Liam and Lillya on a sunny day playing and having some fun together! We have everything covered from a perfect poker set for those boys nights to an amazing chargrill/smoker sure to get any guy excited about the outdoor grilling season. (This would be a great gift to round up a couple of your family members and go in on together! ) And if you have a coffee lover in your life, Troy swears by his Chemex coffee maker. Not only does it make a delicious cup of coffee, but it’s also a great price point too! He’s always so proud when he uses it! It’s pretty cute… I mean, manly! 

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